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How IP Cameras Are Smarter Choice Over Analog

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Technology has evolved the security measures and improved the surveillance with high-quality IP cameras. The analog ones have gone outdated as the new ones are taking their place. The IP video systems provide the highly reliable security solutions at highly affordable prices. However, there are multiple other reasons why the IP is always better than analog.

Here, in this blog, you will find all the reasons why you need to shift from analog to the IP Cameras.

  1. High definition

The IP systems come with a wide range of resolutions. One can pick among multiple megapixels according to the requirements. However, even the 1.3 MP, the lowest resolution in IP has better resolution quality over the analog camera. Hence, they become highly applicable for large indoor and outdoor areas. The high definition image provides a clear picture of the faces, vehicles and even the number plates as well.

  1. Easy installation

The IP video systems provide an ease of installation. In fact, most of the options just require plugging and you get ready to use them. On the other hand, the analog ones require a lot of effort in installation. The multiple cable requirement in the analog camera makes them very difficult to install and handle. But the IP ones can be attached to the nearest network switch and handled over a network.

  1. Highly cost effective

The prices of the HD cameras are dropping continuously, which has made the IP systems highly cost-effective. However, the features of these cameras make them furthermore cost-effective than the analog ones. You can control the video surveillance and operate them from anywhere. Hence, multiple industries are upgrading their old analog system to the new IP ones.

  1. Easy migration

In the companies where the analog systems exist, migrating to the IP systems is pretty easy. They can upgrade the cameras with the new ones and get rid of the old analog cameras. The new HD standard cameras become the new solution for surveillance and security.

  1. Durability

When you start digging deep into the advantages of NVR systems and RAID data management, the IP systems seem much more reliable. Also, its durability is another trait making them a reliable choice.

  1. Ease of operation

When it comes to operating these cameras, the network running capacity offers a sense of ease. The ability to control the videos and images via Android and iOS systems and the Wireless connectivity makes surveillance highly functional for the companies.

  1. Fits in all the security regulations

Multiple security regulations have become an inherent part of the multiple industries all over the world. Hence, the need for the device that offers complete regulatory compliance has increased. The IP-based surveillance systems provide exactly what the industry requires in terms of regulations.

So, if you have a security system to install, make sure you pick the right cameras for your outdoor and indoor spaces. Choose the latest technology to ensure the effectiveness of the system.



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